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The Q8Oils brand sounds like Kuwait, because it belongs to Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants which is part of one of the world’s leading oil productions, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. The company’s scale is impressive – it annually supplies 380 million tons of products to 2 billion clients. Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants plans to double its supply over the next 5 years.

  • Our lubricants are choice of experts

    Our lubricants are choice of experts

    Q8Oils products meet car manufacturers’ highest standards, have all required tolerances and pass most challenging API and ACEA tests. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation’s key asset, Kuwait Export Crude, is a recognized crude oil quality standard and Q8Oils products’ quality mark. Q8Oils oil is produced in the company’s own plants in Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Sweden and the UK. All plants have ISO9001, ISO9002, QS9000 certificates. Q8Oils is 100% imported oil manufactured in accordance with European standards, which surpass Russian, American and other alternatives.

  • Q8 in Russia

    Q8 in Russia

    Manufactured according to the latest technologies, the base of our products is oil imported to Russia from the plant in Antwerp, Belgium, which is the second largest oil-refinery in Europe. The company has three reasearch and technological centers, one of which - Kuwait Petroleum Research & Technology – is a recognized center of scientific perfection.

  • Our advantages

    Our advantages

    Since Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has the full manufacturing cycle, from crude oil production to final product manufacturing and sales, it offers affordable prices for highest standard lubricants.

  • Product quality

    Product quality

    With their own unique high-quality raw materials, reasearch and technology basis and full-cycle manufacturing, Q8Oils offers oils that extend the protected unit’s lifecycle. The oil used for production is always homogeneous and has a unique chemical composition with low sulphur concentration, which makes the oil perfect for recycling. These oil properties are ideal for base oil production and further manufacturing of products highly resilient to oxidation and deterioration. This enables minimal deposit and oil waste, maximum durability and protection which excels service interval mileage, and clean and lubricated units.

  • Quality control

    Quality control

    Continuous product tests conducted by independent laboratories as well as the company, are a trademark of quality that our clients pay for. Raw materials stability, unique production techniques and testing maintain our product’s high quality every year, every month, every day. It is a definite advantage for systems and units that use Q8Oils.