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We present to your attention the test program for oils and lubricants "GNV Test"

GNV Oil Group presents a new quality testing program which enables our partners and clients to test their clients’ lubricating oils. It is no secret that your equipment’s smooth running depends a great deal on the quality of the lubricants you use.

When beginning to work with an oil and lubricant consumer, we give an accurate assessment of the equipment operation conditions, as well as the necessity of tolerance or approval. We carefully choose the lubricating oil that will be your perfect combination of price, quality and smooth equipment functioning.

To test the real performance of lubricating oil with your equipment, we present you the GNV Test, which lets you assess the physical and chemical properties of your lubricant when operating and its performance dynamics with any kind of equipment. It also analyzes the composition and concentration of wear debris during unit and assembly operation. After the test, the chemical lab experts give recommendations on how to control your equipment’s part and assembly wear and tear and when to change oil. They also diagnose progressing faults at an early stage and inform you when and to what extent to do the preventive maintenance or repair of your equipment.